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    Partners Today Tomorrow and Beyond
    Global Trailblazing Initiative

    On July 3, 2023, the TWSE will unveil its new corporate identity on the world stage, with the aim of establishing a trustworthy brand image for investors and stakeholders. As we lead Taiwan's enterprises forward with our motto of "Partners Today Tomorrow and Beyond," the TWSE is also launching a series of Global Trailblazing Initiatives, including adding new industry classifications, compiling industry-themed indices, establishing the ESG InfoHub, and creating the Investment InfoHub.

    The ETF integration information platform "ETFortune" will be officially launched on August 11th.

    To facilitate investors in tracking investment trends and accessing the latest information on ETFs, our company has established an all-in-one investment information platform called "ETFortune". This platform offers visual analysis tools, ETF-related statistical data, expert recommendations, and investment screeners, creating a comprehensive ETF information integration platform.

    Taiwan Innovative Board (TIB)
    A Brand New Platform Clustering Innovative Listings

    Taiwan's equity market has multi-layers. In order to orientate with international capital markets and government's policies, the Taiwan Stock Exchange is launching a new trading platform to make it easier for innovative enterprises, which have limited capital or incur losses due to needed capital injection, but have promising outlooks to raise funds for expansion and list on the "Taiwan Innovation Board ('TIB')."

    Companies continue to strengthen their core values and innovation, shape corporate cultures, and exert influence on suppliers for the purpose of sustainable development

    Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) has now become an integral part of corporate sustainability around the world. It also represents the operational risks, potential opportunities, and transformational capabilities required by companies to achieve sustainable development.

    Partners Today Tomorrow and Beyond

    The TWSE follows national policy while satisfying the needs of domestic and foreign investors, securities issuers and intermediaries, creating the best value for all market participants. The TWSE assists enterprises in listing their securities, raising capital, operational expansion, and spares no effort in augmenting the information transparency of enterprises to assure fair trade in order to protect the rights and privileges of investors. Dedicated to "providing expedient fundraising processes and ensuring a secure investing environment for the public," the TWSE aspires to achieve the vision of "creating a viable capital market and bringing about well-being to the people."

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