Welcoming Message

Welcome to the website of the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (the “TWSE”)! Your visit gives us the motivation and faith to move forward. It has been more than six decades since the establishment of the TWSE during which we have withstood the financial turbulence in Asia, the sub-prime market crisis, and the adversity deriving from the spread of COVID-19. The TWSE embraces transformational challenges, and concurrently contributes to the national economic development. As in the past and now, the TWSE has been evolving into a market of enhanced quality and quantity, offering an abundance of product diversity, addressing the considerations of both natural persons and institutions. The TWSE is the prime force behind the economic advancement and prosperity of Taiwan.

Chairman Sherman Lin
Chairman Sherman Lin

The TWSE follows national policy while satisfying the needs of domestic and foreign investors, securities issuers and intermediaries, creating the best value for all market participants. The TWSE assists enterprises in listing their securities, raising capital, operational expansion, and spares no effort in augmenting the information transparency of enterprises to assure fair trade in order to protect the rights and privileges of investors. Dedicated to“providing expedient fundraising processes and ensuring a secure investing environment for the public,” the TWSE aspires to achieve the vision of “creating a viable capital market and bringing about well-being to the people.”

Our website carries a wealth of information on the capital market of Taiwan in real-time, including “market information,” “indices information,” “listed companies,” “products and services,” “clearing services,” “announcements,” “regulations” and more with ceaseless updates on the market situation to provide a full-range of information and services. The website homepage also provides information on the latest TWSE policies and links to related websites, such as the market observation post system (“MOPS”) and ezSearch. You are invited to use these functions to get the latest market information.

The rapid advancement of technology echoes with the unpredictable change of market information. The TWSE faces keen competition worldwide, and evaluates how to manage new challenges as they arise. Being globally competitive is a TWSE priority of the highest level. With your participation, we have confidence to see opportunities that can accomplish the goal.

The TWSE listens to and hears all stakeholders as two-way communication is a value we cherish. The TWSE welcomes your feedback which can be found under the “Contact TWSE section” or “Investor Service Center” at the bottom part of the home page. Commentary from various voices is valuable input and is one of our primary sources of reference in establishing relevant rules. Let us join hands to actualize a new chapter for the Taiwan capital market!