Taiwan Innovation Board (TIB)
A Brand New Platform Clustering Innovative Listings

The 21st century is a new economic era, where in industries upgrading and innovation capabilities have become important. With many stock exchanges around the world having successively revised listing standards to create access to funding for innovative companies, the Taiwan government has rolled out an action plan to optimize the investment environment for those companies. The competent authority issued the “Capital Market Roadmap” in December 2020, which established a new innovation board to provide alternative funding platform. More

Listing criteria

The company meets the needs of the government’s industry development strategy, and has key technologies and innovative capabilities (such as applications in IoT, AI, or big data) or business models.

Criterion I
Market capitalization of NT$ 1billion or more.
Operating revenue for the aggregate for the last four quarters is greater than NT$100 million.
A sufficient amount of working capital covering the period of 12 months after the listing.
Criterion II (Limited to Biotech and medical Businesses)
Market capitalization of NT$2 billion or more.
Working capital covering of 125% for the 12 months period after the listing.
A pharmaceutical company’s core product – new drug has to go through Phase I clinical trials.
Criterion III
Market capitalization of NT$4 billion or more.
Working capital covering of 125% for the 12 months period after the listing.

Criteria of qualified investors

When purchasing TIB stocks for the first time, the qualified investor who is natural person must sign a Risk Disclosure Statement for TIB Securities and the explanation and disclosure regarding the aforementioned Risk Disclosure Statement is required before a brokerage firm accepts said investor’s consignment.

The term “qualified investor” means an investor that meets one of the following criteria:

  1. A professional institutional investor or a juristic person with 1 or more years of experience in securities trading investment.
  2. Legally incorporated venture capital enterprises.
  3. Juristic person obtaining IPO shares at TIB through negotiated sales.
  4. A natural person with 2 or more years of experience in securities investment and meeting one of the following criteria:
    1. The person has financial statement of NT$2 million or more.
    2. The person has an average annual income of NT$1 million or more over the most recent two fiscal years.

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