Personal Information Management Policy Statement

Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation

The Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the TWSE) issues this Statement upholding thorough protection and management over personal information in compliance with the relevant requirements set forth under the “Personal Information Protection Act”. This is to firmly safeguard the statutory rights of personal information protected under said Act, to minimize potential infringement upon personal information and the potential impact resulting therefrom to assure safe and continued business operations.

  1. The TWSE hereby solemnly declares the Personal Information Management Policy Statement with full content as enumerated below:
    1. That the TWSE will collect, process, and use the personal information within the required scope for the specific purposes designated by the Ministry of Justice in concert with other competent authorities in charge of the business objectives;
    2. That the TWSE will keep the target party(ies) informed of the details of use of his or her (their) personal information;
    3. That the TWSE will use only the relevant and appropriate personal information and only through fair and lawful means;
    4. That the TWSE will establish a list of categories of personal information held;
    5. That the TWSE will assure the correctness and accuracy of personal information and will update it in a timely manner;
    6. That the TWSE will put the collected personal information into lawful custody;
    7. That the TWSE will respect the rights of the personal information holders to exercise their personal information, including such rights for inquiry or request for reading, request for copy, request for supplement or correction, request to stop collection, processing, or utilizing, and requesting deletion of their personal information;
    8. That the TWSE will assure rigorous security and processing records of the personal information files;
    9. That the TWSE will not transmit personal information internationally except under sound and secure protection;
    10. That whenever the personal information is used in an exception as permitted under the Personal Information Protection Act, the TWSE will absolutely assure its appropriateness and legitimacy;
    11. That the TWSE will set up and implement a comprehensive personal information management system to fulfill personal data protection policies;
    12. That the TWSE will check and identify the extent of internal and external related parties and their participation in the management and operation of personal information management systems; and
    13. That amidst operation of the personal information management system, the TWSE will expressly define the responsibilities and obligations.

The promulgation of the present Statement clearly declares the importance of maintaining the management of personal information. All TWSE staff should confirm definite awareness of the content of this Statement to firmly safeguard the personal information files and, in turn, assure sustainable TWSE development.

Date of Last Update: September 22, 2018

Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation
President Lih-chung CHIEN

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