Listed Companies Monthly Statistics

Statistics Name Statistics Content
P/E Ratio & Yield & P/B Ratio of Listed Stocks Includes monthly stock closing prices, P/E ratio, dividend yields, and P/B ratio.
Info on Listed Companies' Fund Raising of Listed Companies Includes capital increased by cash, Initial Public Offerings, issuance of corporate bonds.
Sales Revenues and Endorsed Borrowing of Domestic Listed Companies Includes sales revenues and monthly difference for endorsed borrowing of domestic listed companies.
(ps. The statistical coverage of the report includes only domestic listing companies. Since Jan. 2013, the sales revenues have adopted the figures for IFRS consolidated financial reporting. From Jan. 2012 to Dec. 2012, the sales revenues of the financial holding company adopted the sum of its subsidiaries, and the sales revenues of the investment holding company adopted the amount of the parent company. From Jul. 2011 to Dec. 2011, the sales revenues of the holding company adopted the sum of its subsidiaries. Before Jun. 2011, the sales revenues of the holding company adopted the parent and its subsidiaries revenue totals.)
Status of Securities Listed on TWSE Includes statistical highlights of listed securities, indexes, trading statistics, daily trading activities of listed stocks, ten most active stocks of the month, ex-right stocks, ex-dividend stocks, listed stocks, beneficiary certificates, stocks requiring full delivery, warrants, Taiwan depositary receipts, convertible bonds, government bonds, and foreign bonds.