Securities Trading Monthly Statistics

Statistics Name Statistics Content
Statistics of Securities Market Number of listed companies, capital issued, total listed shares, total market capitalization, stock and warrants' trading value/volume, average TAIEX, No. of securities firms and investors, trading value by type of investors.
Securities Trading Volume & Value Includes stocks, bonds, beneficiary certificates, warrants, and TDRs.
Trading Statistics by Sector Stock trading value/volume as percentage of market total trading value/volume.
Ten Most Active Stocks By Volume And Value Ten most active stocks by trading volume & value, their percentage of total trading volume & value.
Trading Statistics Individual stock's trading value, trading volume, No. of trans., average price (trading value/trading volume), closing average price (summation of daily closings/monthly trading days), monthly high/low and date, and the monthly turnover rate.
Margin Transaction Statistics Trading units & value of margin purchases, trading units & value of margin redemptions, trading units & value of short sales, trading units & values of short covering, and margin ratios.
Odd-lot Trading Statistics Number of transactions, trading volume and trading value of odd-lots.
Operation Statistics of Computer Auto. Trading System Number and volume of buy orders, number and volume of sell orders, number of total orders, number of transactions, trading volume and value, largest number of orders per 5 sec. (per 5 sec. since Dec. 29, 2014, per 10 sec. between Feb. 22, 2014 and Dec. 28, 2014, per 15 sec. between Jan. 17, 2011 and Feb. 21, 2014, per minute before Jan. 16, 2011).
p.s. The statistical scope of order book is all securities in regular tradings. The trading volume and value only included stocks and TDRs in regular tradings, odd-lot Trade and off-hour Trading.
Stock Market Investment Return Investment returns per individual stock for the last three years.
Block Trading Volume And Value Codes of block-traded stocks and respective trading volume & value.