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 TWSE TAIEX Series Compiled by TWSE

 TWSE, Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation, maintains stock price indices, to allow investors to grab both overall market movement and different industrial sectors' performances conveniently. The indices may be grouped into market value indices and price average indices. The former are similar to the Standard & Poor's Index, weighted by the number of outstanding shares, and the latter are similar to the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Nikkei Stock Average. The Taiwan Stock Exchange Capitalization Weighted Stock Index ("TAIEX") is the most widely quoted of all TWSE indices. The base year value as of 1966 was set at 100. TAIEX is adjusted in the event of new listing, de-listing and new shares offering to offset the influence on TAIEX owing to non-trading activities.

 TAIEX covers all of the listed stocks excluding preferred stocks, full-delivery stocks and newly listed stocks, which are listed for less than one calendar month.

The other market value indices are calculated and adjusted similarly to that of TAIEX only with different groupings of stocks included for calculation. Non-Finance Sub-Index, Non-Electronics Sub-Index, and Non-Finance Non-Electronics Sub-Index include stocks in non-finance sector, non-electronics sector, and non-finance & non-electronics sector, out of the TAIEX Component Stocks.

The Industrial Sub-Indices are calculated for different industrial sectors. Starting December 1986, eight Industrial Sub-Indices were introduced, i.e. Glass and Ceramic, Textile, Food, Plastic and Chemical, Electrical, Paper and Pulp, Building Material and Construction, Finance and Insurance. In August 1995, TWSE introduced additional 14 Industrial Sub-Indices, i.e. Cement, Plastic, Electric Machinery, Electric and Cable, (Chemical, Biotechnology, and Medical Care), Glass and Ceramic, Iron and Steel, Rubber, Automobile, Electronics, Shipping and Transportation, Tourism, Trading and Consumers' Goods, Other. In July 2007, TWSE also introduced additional 11 Industrial Sub-Indices, i.e. Chemical, Biotechnology and Medical Care, (Oil, Gas and Electricity), Semiconductor, Computer and Peripheral Equipment, Optoelectronic, Communications and Internet, Electronic Parts/Components, Electronic Products Distribution, Information Service, Other Electronic. This expansion is to give a broader perspective of industrial performances and a more comprehensive comparison with the overall market trend.

Introduction Type of Index Base
(or Date Compilation Started)
Date Published Stocks Included
TAIEX Market value 1966 average=100 1967 All listed common stocks excluding few stocks (see there)
Market value 1966 average=100 1987.11 Excluding stocks of finance industry
Non-Electronics Sub-Index Market value 1999.12.28=8,448.84 2000.11.16 Excluding stocks of electronics industry
Non-Finance Non-Electronics Sub-Index Market value 2003.12.31=5,890.69 2005.3.1 Excluding both stocks of finance& electronics industries
Industrial Sub-Indices Market value 1986.12.29=100 1986.12.29 group stocks of 8 industries
Industrial Sub-Indices Market value 1994.12.31=100 1995.08.01 group stocks of 14 industries
Industrial Sub-Indices Market value 2007.06.29=100 2007.07.02 group stocks of 11 industries

 Total Return Indices add back cash dividends to index calculations, and are published at the end of each trading day. This expansion can serve as a better indicator to measure the performance of funds.

 TWSE has launched 32 Total Return Indices as follows,
Total Return Indices Date launched
TAIEX–Total Return Index January 2, 2003
Non-Finance Non-Electronics–TRI March 1, 2005
Electronics–TRI, Finance and Insurance-TRI January 2, 2006
Semiconductor–TRI, Computer and Peripheral Equipment–TRI, Optoelectronic–TRI, Communications and Internet–TRI, Electronic Parts/Components–TRI, Electronic Products Distribution–TRI, Information Service–TRI, Other Electronic–TRI July 1, 2007
Cement–TRI, Food–TRI, Plastic–TRI, Textile–TRI, Electric Machinery–TRI, Electric and Cable–TRI, (Chemical, Biotechnology, and Medical Care–TRI), Chemical–TRI, Biotechnology and Medical Care–TRI, Glass and Ceramic–TRI, Paper and Pulp–TRI, Iron and Steel–TRI, Rubber–TRI, Automobile–TRI, Building Material and Construction–TRI, Shipping and Transportation–TRI, Tourism–TRI, Trading and Consumers' Goods–TRI, (Oil, Gas and Electricity–TRI), Other–TRI January 5, 2009

 All of the TWSE indices (exclude Total Return Indices) are constantly computed and broadcasted every minute during the trading hours through the TWSE MIS system and information vendors' networks. The information can be easily accessed on the systems of local and international information vendors, such as Reuters, Bridge, Quick, Bloomberg or Primark, etc. Monthly summary of all the TWSE indices data is also available in TWSE website.