Notices of the TWSE

Date & Ref. No. Subject Attachment
990820: Tai-Cheng-Chieh-Zi-0990301448WORD Revision on the calculation method for SBL brokerage commissions for fixed-rate and competitive auction transactions, and a new option for paying TWSE SBL service fees for negotiated transactions. Effective from September 7, 2010.  
990708: Tai-Cheng-Chieh-Zi-0990301163WORD Amendment to Article 33 of the TWSE “Securities Lending and Borrowing Rules” - Specified offshore Foreign Institutional Investors (FINIs) may provide US dollar (USD) cash collateral. Effective from August 2, 2010.  
980122: Tai-Cheng-Chieh-Zi-0980300136WORD This is to announce settlement procedure related to lenders selling TWSE-listed stocks on loan under negotiated SBL model with a same day early recall.  
951204: Tai-Cheng-Chiao-Zi-0950204319WORD TWSE announcement of guidelines on bank guarantees provided as collateral by borrowers of fixed-rate or competitive auction SBL transactions  
950831: Tai-Cheng-Chiao-Zi-0950022633WORD Article 5 of Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Securities Borrowing and Lending Regulations and Article 16 of Regulations Governing Securities Borrowing and Lending by Securities Firms shall not be applied to the directors, supervisors and managers of a publicly issued company, and shareholders holding more than 10 percent of the total issued shares thereof. Therefore, the parties mentioned above shall not participate in SBL transactions.  
950816: Tai-Cheng-Chiao-Zi-0950202332WORD Regarding a foreign examinee to take the exam in English for obtaining SBL specialist license, please comply with the explanations given below. This is promulgated effective immediately. Please take note.  
950802: Tai-Cheng-Chiao-Zi-0950019988WORD Regarding the issues raised by FINIs concerning lending out the loaned securities and declaring the collateral ratio of a negotiated transaction at TWSE, please comply with the explanations given below.  
940513: Tai-Cheng-Chieh-Zi-0940012758WORD TWSE announced amendments to Article 82-2 of the TWSE Operating Rules, and Articles 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, 18 and 22 of the TWSE SBL Regulations effective from June 27, 2005. Please see the attachments for your reference. Attachment 1WORD Attachment 2WORD
940329: Tai-Cheng-Chieh-Zi-0940007527WORD This is to announce rules related to early recall of lent securities under a negotiated transaction and the sale of such securities on the same day by lenders. This is promulgated effective immediately. Attachment 1WORD
940202: Tai-Cheng-Chieh-Zi-0940002689WORD The TWSE has announced that, with respect to “specific offshore foreign institutional investors” which are permitted to open securities borrowing and lending accounts and to participate in securities borrowing and lending, permitted “mutual fund” and “unit trust fund” are limited to those which are publicly offered (excluding private funds). Such revisions shall take effect from the announcement date.  
931216: Tai-Cheng-Chieh-Zi-0930032732WORD The fee rate for fixed-rate strategic securities lending transactions is hereby adjusted to be 3.5% p.a. effective from December 20, 2004.  
931119: Tai-Cheng-Chieh-Zi-0930028530 WORD The TWSE announcement of amendments to “Securities Lending and Borrowing Regulations” and “Guidelines for Management of Collateral in Fixed-rate and Competitive-Auction Securities Lending and Borrowing Transactions”. The date for implementation will be separately prescribed. Please take note. Attachment 1WORD Attachment 2WORD
920616: Tai-Cheng-Chieh-Zi-0920012564WORD Where specified institutional investors deal with short selling under strategic securities borrowing and lending, in accordance with the TWSE securities borrowing and lending regulations, such short selling shall be taken place at no lower than the closing price of previous day.
The exemptions from the above-mentioned regulation are as follows: