Delayed trading information

  • You can obtain Delayed trading information by indirectly connecting to a user(exclusive of a securities firm or a futures firm) who has contracted with TWSE.
  • When you receive Delayed trading information, you are required to enter into Agreement on use of trading information with TWSE.

Application method

Please refer to Application FormReference Templates 1Reference Templates 2Reference Templates 3.

Market Information Fee

Unit: NT/semi-year
Item Delayed Trading Information License Fee
1 Delayed Trading Information(The contents for transmission include the items set out in Sections I and II of Table 1 hereto, provided that the information will be disclosed at least 20 minutes later than the Real-Time Trading Information) NT$180,000/ semi-year
(in advance)

For details about Market Information Fee of Delayed trading information, please refer to Criteria for Charging Fees-3: Delayed Trading Information.


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