Special Principles of Operation when the Market is Closed

The TWSE market closes in case of typhoons or natural disasters when

(1) When Taipei City (where TWSE is located) announces that the city's government institutions will be closed during the trading time. TWSE will remain open and finish the trading day. If Taipei City announces the closure of city government offices the evening or morning before the trading day begins, TWSE's market will be closed for the entire day.

(2) When Taipei City announces that the city's government institutions will be closed for the afternoon of the given day, TWSE's market will remain open for the entire day except for trades after the trading session at 13:30.

In case the TWSE market functions normally, while other local governments announce closure of their offices due to the coming typhoons or other natural disasters, the securities firms which have their headquarters located in those areas, shall designate one of its branches to remain open to fulfill settlement obligation. If the securities firm branch cannot complete settlement, TWSE will use JSCF contributed by this securities firm, or by using TWSE's contributions to JSCF when necessary, to fulfill the settlement.