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Welcome to the website of the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE), the driving engine of Taiwan’s economic growth.

The TWSE was founded over half a century ago. As a key player in promoting economic progress, boosting business growth and generating capital, our mission over the past fifty-plus years has been to support the development of industries and generate profitable opportunities for the investing public. We have continued to excel in our role as the central matching platform for fundraising and investment in the capital market, integrating a multitude of diverse investment tools available to investors in today’s age.

Chairman Jan-yau HSU
Chairman Jan-yau HSU

In order to enhance Taiwan’s economic prosperity and strengthen national development, we are dedicated to assisting companies to list on the capital market, raising funds and expanding their operational scale. In order to protect investors’ rights, we are committed to ensuring corporate information transparency, maintaining fair trading mechanisms, and diversifying our range of financial products. After all, the founding principles and most fundamental goals of TWSE are to enable easier fundraising for enterprises and ensure safer investments for the public. By building and maintaining a sound and secure capital market, we work tirelessly to strengthen national prosperity and public advancement.

The TWSE welcomes you to access this portal site for all your market information needs. The site provides the latest services and real-time market information, and is organized into the following sections: Market Info, Listed Companies, Products & Services, Clearing Services, Announcements, Regulations, Investor Education and Statistics.

Looking to the path ahead, the focus and biggest challenge of the TWSE in today’s macro environment of economic stagnation is to inject momentum into Taiwan’s economy and forge new opportunities for growth. With your participation and support, we have every confidence of enhancing the economy through our high-quality services.

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