The Organization


TWSE is a private corporation with 15 board directors and 3 supervisors. At least one-third of board directors and supervisors are appointed by the securities authority to represent the public interest.

TWSE consists of sixteen departments/offices, whose functions are described below:

Domestic Listing Department
  • Promote, review, and provide other services for listing by domestic corporations.
  • Draft and execute regulations and rules on trading in the public market.
  • Oversee public listing of other securities, and supervise publicly traded companies and group corporations.
Foreign Listing Department
  • Promote, review, and provide other services for listing by foreign corporations.
  • Draft and execute regulations and rules on trading in the public market.
  • Oversee the public offering of call, put warrants and options, and make equity adjustments.
Trading Department
  • Draft and plan market trading regulations and rules, match buyers and sellers.
  • Monitor large volume transactions in the market such as odd-lot and after-market fixed-price transactions, bidding, auctions, ex-right and ex-dividend calculations for stocks, margin and short transactions.
  • Plan and draft regulations and rules on delivery and settlement for the market.。
  • Revise and modify regulations on the borrowing and lending of securities and funds and other related services.
Corporate Governance Department
  • Perform functions of the Corporate Governance Center.。
  • Draft, promote, inform and educate public companies about regulations on corporate governance, create databases, and do project research matters.
  • Network with international corporate governance institutions and participate in their activities, create an interactive network internationally.
Surveillance Department
  • ‧Draft and execute securities market surveillance rules and regulations.
Intermediaries Service Department
  • Draft and propose regulations for securities dealers, service and manage the change of corporate information and securities industry personnel as provided by securities dealers, take disciplinary actions on securities dealers and their employees.
  • Inspect and offer guidance on financial and operational matters, conduct internal audit of securities dealers.
System Development Department
  • Oversee research, plan and implement computer projects and related procurement affairs.
  • Develop, design and test application programs.
Computer Operation Department
  • Administer installation, maintenance and management of computer-related facilities.
  • Execute, operate, service and audit computer operations.
Market Data & Corporate Systems Department
  • Administer market data dissemination, including manage of data linkage, promote and service client needs.
  • Manage office automation systems.
Corporate Communications Department
  • Contact and communicate with international securities agencies.
  • Handle related international affairs.
  • Promote securities investment and provide investor services, conduct domestic public relations, act as press liaison.
Corporate Planning & Strategy Department
  • Develop new products and plan for specific projects.
  • Do research, gather data, compile statistical information, and publish securities-related topics.
  • Perform industry analysis.
Finance Department
  • Manage operational funds, cashiering, contracts.
  • Safekeeping of guarantee deposits, accounting and stock registrar matters.
Administration Department
  • Manage human resources, staff training and development, arrange labor relationships, company activity and office security.
  • Arrange procurement affairs, properties, facilities, office construction and maintenance.
Secretarial & Legal Department
  • Manage corporate documents, seals, and files; send and receive documents, parcels and correspondence.
  • Conduct and organize shareholders and board meetings, plus business conferences.
  • Review contracts and business regulations, compile laws and regulations, and propose suggestions on legal matters.
Labor Security Office
  • Manage occupational safety and health matters for all staff.。
Internal Audit Office
  • Administer internal audits and controls.
  • Report directly to the board of directors.