TWSE Press Release

Additional Loanable Securities for SBL Transactions

Publish Date︰2005/06/24 19:00

In line with the removal of strategic trading purpose requirement from SBL and in response to the demand from the market participants, especially from PASLA members, TSEC announced today that those listed and Gre-Tai-traded securities eligible for margin trading will be included in the loanable securities for TSEC Securities Lending System from June 27, 2005.
With this change, the number of loanable securities for SBL will be increased from the current 498 lines of securities to 940 lines, an increase of 88%.
The loanable securities are posted on the “Securities Lending Section” of the TSEC website at on a daily basis.

The SBL regulations effective from June 27 are as follows:
1.Abolish the strategic purpose requirement for SBL
2. Permit off-shore collateral when there is a negotiated transaction done by two foreign institutional investors
3.Set ceiling for short selling
4.Add 442 more eligible securities to SBL system

For further information, please see our news release on May 17, 2005. For checking the real time available volume for short selling, investors can check with their securities firms. For the current day available volume for short selling, investors can visit our website as above.