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Personal Information Collection Statement (PICS) and Agreement
To provide information through the E-paper, the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE) will collect, process, and use your personal information. To protect your interests, the TWSE urges you to read the following statement carefully.
  • Purpose of collecting personal information:
    Personal information of subscribers registered to receive the TWSE E-paper will be collected under the governance of Purpose No. 135 Communication and telecommunication services listed in The Specific Purpose and the Classification of Personal Information of the Personal Information Protection Act.
  • Type of personal information collected:
    E-mail address.
  • Period, location, user and format of TWSE’s personal information collection practice:
    (1) Period: Starting from successful subscription to cancelation of the subscription, a period of time required by law, or a period specified by the competent authority in the "TWSE Document Preservation Timetable".
    (2) Location: within the R.O.C.
    (3) Subject: The information will be used by the TWSE or provided to the competent authority of the TWSE or a third party when required by law.
    (4) Format: The TWSE will collect, process, and use your information in the format of digital file.
  • Subscribers’ rights and ways to exercise the rights:
    You may exercise your rights stipulated in Article 3 of the Personal Information Protection Act through the TWSE website, telephone calls, or in person, including making a request to (1) access or browse, (2) duplicate, (3) update or modify, (4) suspend collection, processing or use, and (5) delete personal information. Only, when the information is needed for operation, before the specific purposes vanish, or before the preservation period expires, it shall not be deleted. The contact information is
  • Consequence of not providing personal information:
    If you fail to or are unable to provide the above-requested personal information, the TWSE will not be able to provide you with the TWSE E-paper service.

Please enter your e-mail. You will begin to receive the TWSE Chinese/English E-paper.
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   Within the above disclosed scope of purpose, I agree for TWSE to collect, process, and use the personal information provided by me. After reading the above statements, I am informed of the contents of TWSE’s collection, processing and use of my personal information.

*To unsubscribe, please click on the "unsubscribe" button in the E-paper e-mail.