W.I.S.E.-SSE 50 China Tracker™

Fund Characteristics

Name of Fund W.I.S.E.-SSE 50 China Tracker®
Fund Type Offshore ETF
Underlying Index SSE50
Stock Code 008201
Denomination NT Dollar
Issuer/Manager BOCI-Prudential Asset Management Limit
Trustee BOCI-Prudential Trustee Limited
Investment objective The Fund is an index-tracking fund which seeks to provide investment performance (before taxes) that tracks the performance of the SSE 50. The SSE 50 is an index consisting of 50 constituent A Shares compiled and managed by the China Securities Index Co., Ltd.
Issue of Units Scripless, units held in the Depository and not available for withdrawal in physical form
Depository Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation
Net Asset Value (NAV) The latest net asset value will be released on “Market Observation Post System”
Current Management Fee (a) 0.89 per cent per annum for the first HK$780 million of the Net Asset Value of the Fund; and (b) 0.99 per cent per annum for the portion of the Net Asset Value of the Fund which is in excess of HK$780 million.
Current Trustee Fee The Manager shall pay the trustee fee chargeable by the Trustee out of the management fees received by it.
Trading in the Secondary Market
Buy/sell Through any licensed securities broker
Account Opening Need to open a securities trading account with a brokerage house
Commission Same as for ordinary stocks – varies by broker but no higher than 0.1425% of the consideration
Board lot 100 units
Trading time Trading hours of the Taiwan stock Exchange: 9:00 – 13:30
Tax 0.1% levied on the sale of the units, lower than 0.3% levied on the sale of stocks
Tick NTD 0.01 if the price of the unit is below NTD 50 NTD 0.05 if the price of the unit is above NTD 50
Limit up and down No limitation
TWSE Information Disclosure
  • Estimated NAV per unit in HKD on issuer’s website
  • Trading prices and the 5 best bid/ask prices and volumes
Margin Trading
  • Available on listing
  • Short selling under margin trading is exempted from the up-tick rule (which requires short sales to take place at no lower than the previous day's closing price)
  • Investors should check with his/her broker to see if there is any quota available before executing short-selling
Creation and Redemption in the Primary Market
Creation and redemption Cash Creation/Redemption in Taiwan Market
Order input time 9:00 – 11:00 on each dealing day
Creation Unit/Redemption Unit 800,000 units. However, this ETF can be subscribed in cash jointly. The subscription threshold is NT$3 million and subscribers are only limited to professional investors
Placement of creation and redemption orders Must be through participating dealers
Issue Price/Redemption Price NAV per unit on the day of creation or redemption
Creation and redemption fee Varies by participating dealers but subject to the limit
  • Creation fee cannot exceed 0.5% of the creation consideration
  • Redemption fee cannot exceed 0.5% of the redemption consideration
Note Taiwan participating dealers will follow the creation and redemption procedures of the ETF to handle cross-boarder cash/certificate remittance.
However, Taiwan participating dealers can acquire and dispose the ETF positions in Hong Kong secondary market due to liquidity needs. The creation and redemption procedures will not apply to the related cross-boarder cash/certificate remittance resulted from those transactions.