Specification of Fubon Dow Jones Taiwan High-Quality Dividend 30 ETF

Fund Characteristics

Name of Fund Fubon Dow Jones Taiwan High-Quality Dividend 30 ETF
Fund Type ETF comprising only domestic securities
Underlying Index Dow Jones Taiwan High-Quality Dividend 30 Index
Stock Code 00730
Listing Taiwan Stock Exchange
Regulator Securities and Futures Bureau
Issuer/Manager Fubon Asset Management Co., Ltd.
Technical Advisor None
Custodian Shin Kong Bank
Management Style Passive
Investment objective Closely track the performance of Dow Jones Taiwan High-Quality Dividend 30 Index
Issue of Units Scripless, units held in the Depository and not available for withdrawal in physical form
Depository Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation
Maximum subscription size None
Net Asset Value (NAV) Net asset value will be calculated based on the market value of the assets of the Fund after income and expenses accrual. It will be announced after 4 pm on each dealing day.
Total Expense Ratio (TER) TER includes Management fee, Custodian fees, index license fees, etc. Such expenses will be accrued daily and subtracted from the NAV. TER is calculated based on the estimated fund size: For fund size below NTD 2bn (including), TER will be 0.485%; For fund size above NTD 2bn ~ NTD 5bn (including), TER will be 0.385%; For fund size above NTD 5bn, TER will be 0.335%.
Voting rights The Manager will act in the unitholders' interest and exercise voting rights for the shares held in the Fund.
Annual report The Manager will prepare annual report within 2 months after the end of each accounting year. The annual report will be signed by the Manager and the Custodian and certified by the accountants.
Distribution Dividends are calculated on evaluation day(30th September).
Trading in the Secondary Market
Buy/sell Through any licensed securities broker
Account Opening Need to open a securities trading account with a brokerage house
Commission Same as for ordinary stocks – varies by broker but no higher than 0.1425% of the consideration
Board lot 1,000 units
Trading time Trading hours of the Taiwan stock Exchange: 9:00 – 13:30
Tax 0.1% levied on the sale of the units, lower than 0.3% levied on the sale of stocks
Price relationship with the index N/A
Bid/ask spread NTD 0.01 if the price of the unit is below NTD 50 NTD 0.05 if the price of the unit is above NTD 50
Limit up and down 10%
TWSE Information Disclosure
  • Estimated NAV per unit every 15 seconds
  • Index level every 15 seconds
  • Trading price of FB Taiwan High-Quality Dividend ETF and the 5 best bid/ask prices and volumes
Margin Trading
  • Available on listing
  • Short selling under margin trading is exempted from the up-tick rule(which requires short sales to take place at no lower than the previous day's closing price)
  • Investors should check with his/her broker to see if there is any quota available before executing short-selling
Creation and Redemption in the Primary Market
Creation and redemption Cash creation/redemption
Portfolio Composition File (PCF) Details of index baskets for creation and redemption will be disclosed through the fund issuer's website to all market participants
Order input time 9:00 – 11:30 on each dealing day
Tax No tax is levied on creation or redemption
Creation Unit / Redemption Unit 500,000 units
Placement of creation and redemption orders Must be through participating dealers
Issue Price / Redemption Price Actual acquired price per unit on the day of creation or redemption
Creation consideration / Redemption consideration The Total Amount of Cash Creation= Cash Creation Amount+ Subscription Fee+ Cash Creation Transaction Fee
The Total Amount of Cash Redemption= Cash Redemption Amount- Redemption Fee-Cash Redemption Transaction Fee
Types of creation Cash creation
Types of redemption Cash redemption
Creation and redemption fee Varies by participating dealers but subject to the limit
  • Creation fee cannot exceed 2% of the creation consideration
  • Redemption fee cannot exceed 2% of the redemption consideration